iOS 12.4.1:

iOS 12.4.2:

iOS 12.3.1:

iOS 12.3:

Advanced users can choose to download and use IPSW firmware files for installing iOS updates, though this will require a computer with iTunes and a USB cable.

iOS 12.2:

Another option which is generally most appropriate for advanced users is using IPSW firmware files for installing iOS updates. This method requires iTunes and a USB cable as well.

iOS 12.1.4:

The following links to iOS 12.1.4 IPSW firmware files are pointing to the .ipsw files for this release on Apple servers:

iOS 12.1.3:

iOS 12.1.2:

iOS 12.1.1:

iOS 12.1:

iOS 12.0.1:

Direct download links for iOS 12.0.1 firmware files are included below, each link points to the appropriate IPSW file on Apple servers.

iOS 12: